Beginner Flow

A foundational class for beginner practitioners.  You will be guided through the asanas (postures) in a safe, clear and proper approach.  The class is slower with a focus on correct alignment and breathing techniques.  Advanced practitioners are welcome to rediscover the beginnings of your practice. 


This class provides a creative sequence, linking movement and conscious breathing.  Class will offer a variety of postures to enhance strength, flexibility and balance.  Recommended for all practitioners.

Power Vinyasa

Invigorating and challenging sequence linking movement with breath while building internal heat.  Build strength, stamina and balance.  Leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.  All Levels Welcome!

Yin Yoga 

Too much stimuli and craziness?? Yin allows your mind to calm and slow down. This still and passive practice will release stress and tension from the fascia/connective tissues.  Letting energy to flow freely throughout the entire body. Floor poses are held for 3-5 minutes, with a focus on the lower part of the body - lower spine, hips, pelvis and thighs.